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Welcome to Pen'Ny's Arte, where we believe that true healing and success begins from within. After 30 years in the Health and Well being Industry, we've learned that there is more to wellness than just eating well and exercising. Whereas inner peace and a strong connection with oneself are essential to reaching your full potential.

At Pen'Ny's Arte, we've harnessed the Power of Creativity to help individuals connect with their inner selves and find peace. Our unique style of artwork is not only decorative, but it also has a purpose. Through our art lessons, we teach individuals how to connect with their creativity, and our bespoke pieces of artwork are often described as amulets, providing a sense of calm and peace to their owners.

Many doctors are now prescribing art therapy to help individuals cope with mental health issues and to teach them valuable coping strategies. Art allows individuals to express themselves through brush strokes and colours, providing a therapeutic outlet for healing.

Our founder, Pen'Ny, had a life-changing epiphany in 2012 when she discovered the power of creating from the soul. Her empathic and caring nature shines through her canvases, and her unique style was born when her art therapist challenged her to paint with both hands. Pen'Ny's ability to work ambidextrously allows her to channel her creative genius, universal energy, and joy into her work, which is evident when you view and own one of her pieces.

About Pen'Ny

The pure and simple pleasures of nature are replicated by fine artist Penelope Nanton, who is known by her artist name Pen’Ny. As a self-taught, ambidextrous artist, she creates beautiful pieces of art created from the soul. . With a strong connection with universal energy and having worked as a massage therapist for 30 years, she creates artwork with a purpose. Her intention is about helping others feel good in general and feel good with themselves. Her unique technique allows her to truly communicate not only what is seen, but also what is felt whilst creating, sharing these emotions with the viewer. 

Pen’Ny’s artwork is more than just a decorative piece to adorn the walls of your home. It's a piece that will be passed down for generations, with its own story to tell. It will serve as an 'amulet,' bringing joy to many who lay eyes on it. With her technique the paint fills the edges of each canvas with the bright colours of flowers and leaves, the tactile texture of grass and branches and the glowing light of changing seasons, fill the heart of the viewer while becoming immersed in the artist’s view of the world.

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Her passion for helping others connect to their creativity and bringing communities together through art has led Pen’Ny to creating Art Wellness Events. Pen’ Ny teaches how to paint from ones soul, helping each individual find their unique style to create their masterpieces. . These events are designed for both non-creatives and creatives alike, showing how art can be beneficial to everyone from all walks of life and all ages. Whether it's for a corporate event, private event, or a special occasion, these events show how a short moment of creativity is something to cherish and above all how great everyone feels having a chance to connect with ones creativity. 

‘I hope my artwork gives you as much joy as it has given me‘ - Penny

‘It’s not just what you see, it’s how you FEEL what you see’ - Penny

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