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Pen’Ny’s artwork is more than just a decorative piece to adorn the walls of your home. It's a piece that will be passed down for generations, with its own story to tell. It will serve as an 'amulet,' bringing joy to many who lay eyes on it. With her technique the paint fills the edges of each canvas with the bright colours of flowers and leaves, the tactile texture of grass and branches and the glowing light of changing seasons, fill the heart of the viewer while becoming immersed in the artist’s view of the world.

Here is a small selection of Pen’Ny’s Artwork. Personalised commissions ranging from 20cm x 20 cm to 250 cm x 200cm can be arranged.

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Pen’Ny’s Arte and The Massage Company 

Pen’Ny’s Artwork is featured in all of The Massage Company Franchises. The artwork completes the members wellness journey before and after their massage.  

‘They say no meeting is a coincidence. My meeting with Charlie Thompson was certainly not a coïncidence opening many opportunities for me through being a therapist at TMC. Little did I know that what I was working on would soon be part of TMC. My Art.

My story path with TMC makes sense now, but over the past three years never did I imagine that one day I will be working in TMC with my art work on display. Having always been creative I knew my art was on pause while I worked as a massage therapist and enjoyed being a Mum. Unexpectedly a ‘ Life Tidal Wave’ hit in 2012 where I discovered Art Therapy to help me advance and rebuild my life.

It all happened in 2016, when my art therapist saw me working on a canvas one day and she asked me to stop. She said ‘Penny, put another paintbrush in your left hand’. Since then Pen’Ny developed thanks to both hands being able to tell many stories through her paintbrushes, creating Pen’Nys Inspirations and Penny’s own style. Having been a massage therapist for over 20 years it seems so natural to work with both hands when painting.. It helps make blending colours easier and brings movement to each art piece. Each art piece has a different story and ‘ energy’ behind it.

Pen’Nys Inspirations was born ( now Pen’Nys Arte) and as you experience your consistently high quality massage therapy at The Massage Company, you will also see how my art compliments the fantastic brand that TMC is.

I didn’t reach here on my own, the list of individuals I want to thank is very long. These people know who they are. Each time a new canvas is painted I learn more and know this is only the beginning of my life as an artist.’

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