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Pen’Ny’s objective is to help one feel good through the Power of Creativity. Whether you are the owner of one of her bespoke pieces of artwork or she helps you create your own masterpiece, she will show you the Power of Creativity through Art Wellness.

Without knowing it initially as her creative developed to a whole new level, Penny creates the same environment as she created as therapist on canvas. Her bespoke artwork is a clear reminder of ones self care. Artwork that truly touches ones heart, helping the viewer feel amazing. Each canvas is described as an amulet as each piece has a story, it is up to the viewer to find their story as the enter into the canvas. Here is the link of the gallery. Please visit the gallery.

Penny offers personalised commissions. Get in touch for more information.

Art Welness as the creator is an opportunity Pen’Ny shares with you to create your own Amulet. Penny uses art as a ‘healing tool’ and wants to share this with others. She shares her technique with you, not for you to paint like her but to paint like you, be you. Helping you connect with your creativity gives you the opportunity to discover the benefits of Art Wellness. Connecting with one creativity gives one a moment to relax, takes you out of your comfort zone which clears ones mind and one feels recharged. Her technique trains the eye to be sharp for detail and create freedom, helping you to ‘let go’ and express through your paintbrush, helping you to feel good and be in great shape both mentally and physically.

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Individual Classes

The benefits of connecting with ones creativity are endless. No words are needed as expression can be done through the paintbrushes. This can help with emotional over load and help one be more focused to take life in ones stride. It has psychological and physiological benefits and has been known to help with depression.

Group Classes

Have fun together and create with others, working together creates a wonderful energy. There is the opportunity to create individual work as well as group projects which shows if we all work together with our unique touch, we can create a masterpiece.

Corporate Health & Wellbeing Classes

Helps with coping strategies to help staff be more efficient and reduce fatigue and stress. Stress at work or at home can affect many individuals and having a place to escape into the world of creativity is always something nice to know is there on a regular basis. Connecting with ones creativity is also beneficial with team building strategies and helps with problem solving as connecting with ones creativity helps clear the mind which allows each individual to perform to the best.

Senior Classes

It is not easy to describe the power of creativity in words. Many think they aren’t creative, but no matter what age we are all creative. Helps energise and recharge. Focusing on creative projects gives a sense of purpose and well as huge satisfaction. Some don’t find it easy to talk about the challenges they face and this expression can be given through the paintbrush and can make one feel so good which then helps an individual enjoy each day to the maximum.

Disability Centres

The technique I use is to help everyone create from their heart. This allows everyone, no matter their challenges in life, to create a masterpiece. Each client is allowed to choose their colours and with my help each person creates a very unique piece. Being creative can make anyone’s day special especially if they leave with a very special piece of artwork. Having brightened up their day, they will be ready and more empowered to face one’s challenges feeling more positive. It is truly rewarding how everyone always leaves with a smile.

‘I am not teaching you to paint like myself, I am showing you how to paint from your heart, believe in yourself to create your masterpiece and find your ‘style’ - Penny

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Art Wellness

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Creative Escape

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